Sunday, August 21, 2011 Tamworth

Night gave way into a lovely day as I said, “m off now” to one of my chat mates. It’s already morning without even feeling the warmth of my bed. Cleaned up myself and soon I was ready for the trip. Morning seemed fresh and energetic. Friends seemed more energetic and excited. I tried to be energetic too.

The journey towards Tamworth began as we walked towards the train station. Everyone had their share of entertainment and enjoyment till the station. Some sang the sweetest of songs while others talked and had a journey full of laughter.

Time began to pull back my energetic moments. Though it was fun travelling in the train for about two hours, all the fun that I had during the journey was just in my dream. “It’s time to get out man”, my seatmate pulled my ear. Then I began to realize that my energy level is almost zero. But I cheered for myself.

Whole day was fun roaming and doing some shopping for each one of us. Experiencing new life styles and foods were fun too. And of course the most enjoyable fun that we had is yet to come.
Shopping emptied our stomachs and some mates started to complain. By and by stomachs began to complain too. So it’s perfect time that we take lunch. Thai restaurant suited best for us. Welcoming faces brought us the menus for our lunch and we started scanning through the list.

Friends were good at choosing and ordering things. Almost all of us ordered for the same item (Chicken Fried Rice). Mates suggested making it VERY HOT with more chilli. The first shot made one of our mates shocked.” It’s SUPER HOT “, all of us laughed with a little bit of guilt within ourselves. We had tough time eating our choice of meal. That was fun though. Lucky for us that we didn’t have to pay for the lunch. It’s the birth day of one of our mates.

It’s now time to turn back where we belong. Where we belong temporarily. It’s time to turn back towards our house, away from home. So all of us head back where we actually began. The journey was fun and enjoyable. And the credit must go to the organizers and the gang leaders; our seniors and friends though.

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