Monday, September 19, 2011

Cheer UP, NO jeers!!!

The fact that we support our own choice of likes and favorites seems true through the experience that we gain as youngsters. Our choice of likes depends upon our own factors that we include in choosing our best. The fact that some people are fan of Manchester United while others are not explains how people look at things differently. Same thing will appear different to different viewers who, not only look, but also see things differently.

Every competition is a great source of knowledge for people who get involved as well as those who just see it. The world gets divided when we have a competing event between two teams. The soccer match is a great example of such instances. Even siblings support their own choice of teams. There is usually a great rush of excitement even if the TV screen isn’t too clear. Thus cheer for your own choice of team.

There isn’t beauty without the ugly ones. No champions without losers. And of all there isn’t contentment without sadness. Thus jeering comes along with cheering. Its good to be on our side but being on our side doesn’t always come together with pulling others down.

Betting for our choice of team is cool. Everything is good if we know how to interpret in the right way. The only thing we need to do is develop a keen interest in the bet. We must promise ourselves that everything is going to be serious; serious that the bet is worth supporting your choice of team.

Once I have had to clean up my whole room. The only reason is betting for my choice of team.  It feels good to be clean and I learned to be clean always. Thus it brings good results for those who see things differently. Betting has made a difference in my life, taught me a lesson. Broadened me to be a better being.

Thus cheer up for your team. Cheer up for good and do jeer up never. Jeering is the root cause to all the evil.  Cheer UP, NO jeers!!!

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