My Life

Brought up in a small village between valleys and mountains, i survived all the obstacles of my life just to be me at this moment. I could hardly forget those days when i was a tiny boy with timid eyes hiding behind my dad or my mom. Elders would always tease me for one thing or the other.

Its quite embarrassing to talk about my family during those times when we didn't have good clothes to wear. we could hardly get balanced diet. My mom says with a smile on her lips, " you are the luckiest amongst our children. You got what other children are getting. Your brothers and sisters struggled hard to be alive". As she says the past stories, tears rolled down my cheeks but each tear held every responsible thoughts.

I began to grow older and more thoughts arose with every tear i let go. Eventually my thoughts grew into my aims and ambitions. I began to realise the struggles of my parents and my siblings. Every sweats from them meant too much for us. I kept everything in my heart though i was too young to help them. I always believed that the time will always come for me to take the responsibilities.

I was lucky dat i was the third and the last child to go to school. I didnt like the school life atall. I was always bullied or beaten by my elders for nothing. But i do have roles and responsibilities to play. I struggled hard to complete my primary education.

After that came another tough stage in my life. I had to experience my first boarder life at my sixth grade...